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Who We Are

We’re a new kind of agency that combines an innate understanding of social media with digital, PR, and marketing skills. We are entirely focused on innovative, creative and effective social media marketing and communications and we like to think we are getting rather good at it.

What We Do


A unified strategy is the most important factor behind the success stories of digital marketing, for digital media can be quite complex in nature. You can only solve problems once you identify them; Our process starts with need assessment followed by target audience identification and competitor analysis. Once we identify the problems, we arrive at an effective strategy and roadmap to drive your business.

Brand Building

One of the key things we do at NimbleStrokes is think about how the digital campaign is going to affect your brand and how your brand can be strengthened and built via key digital initiatives.

Build Business

Digital is not just relevant for branding but it also delivers direct business impact through leads generation and transaction led campaigns. We make it our endeavor to craft and structure these campaigns for best possible outcomes.

Manage Reputation

We help brands manage their reputation online right from tracking brand mentions to responding to customer queries or complains. We also help analyze types of queries and help brands build a FAQ that ensure future queries are dealt with promptly


We are Nimble by Design. A day in life involves Art, Innovation and driving performance for our clients through our key Focus Areas

Nimble Labs

We work on a multitude of languages across a variety of brand applications. We invest a generous amount of time into creating our toolbox of libraries – researching, testing and building tools – to create fast, flexible, scalable solutions for brands. We are unique because our social and digital ideas are conceptualized and built by one team. We specialize in

Web and Mobile Design & Development,
Search Engine Optimization,
Web Analytics

Nimble Studio

We do not have a production ticket counter, nor do we pretend that everything is made in a dedicated space. Our manages and produces brand content across various social platforms, while supporting key moments with timely paid media. Infographics, short form video, photos, illustrations, animations and more are executed against content franchises within a social architecture that ladders back to core the strategic idea. Our workflow is managed by a content supervisor who works hand-in-hand with strategy, creative, analytics and the production team to ensure that content is consistently driving brand equity and engagement.

Video & Still Production

Nimble Social

Building a consistent brand image using social media is far from easy, and faux pas are bound to happen. Social media branding can be incredibly tough, whether your company has a wide or growing audience. Like any other aspect of branding, careful thought and strategic planning should go into how you approach social media.
Whether it’s about:

How to establish your company brand over social media
How to protect your social brand: what are the biggest mistakes organizations make on social channels and how do you avoid these pitfalls?
How to really engage with customers and fans on social media
How do you promote your business?

We formulate and execute social media framework for top-notch branding. Whether you’re looking for personal branding or company messaging, social media is a great tool.

Social Media Strategy & Execution

Nimble Efficacy

Campaigns: All our ideas are based on insight drawn from the brand’s promise, consumers’ desires, cultural drivers and the business need. As true brand partners, we seek to create campaign ideas that highlight the brand’s purpose – the why over the what – through showing rather than telling. Within those purposeful concepts, we can then formulate supporting storylines across the social web. By thinking big and pushing our partners to take calculated risks, campaigns influence perception, move product, support larger marketing initiatives, and create brand love.

Insights & Analytics: We aren’t satisfied with standard methods and terminology used to measure success; instead, our dedicated analytics team – a variety of data experts – implements a custom approach of tracking against each brand’s business problem. Our analysts perform social forecasting, track brand equity, perform channel audits, provide support during crises, and offer tagging optimization tactics for web analytics.

Performance Driven Marketing
Affiliate Email, SMS
Online Display Ad Networks

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